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Commercial Service


We do our best to look at the big picture and be ready to respond whenever the need arises; we like to cultivate long-term relationships with customers and we stand behind our work. There are those clients who may need us once or twice a year, and there are others who require our commercial locksmith services on a regular basis.

Whatever commercial locksmith service requirements you have, we are committed to it. We are highly professional in our approach offering all services as needed. If you are looking for a consultation or a complete business site survey, contact us! We will provide you proper consultation along with the right estimates and make sure that you need nowhere else to go! We are a licensed, insured, and bonded commercial locksmith.

Lock Bumping and Pick-Resistant Solutions

You may have heard of a practice called 'bumping' that has caught the attention of the media. We offer a two-phase approach to combating this phenomenon to make your property as secure as possible. The first level involves modification of existing hardware. The second level involves the use of cylinders with restricted keyways. Choice City Locksmith has a plan for all budgets and levels of security. For more information click here>>>

Lock Re–Keying

Re–keying involves replacing the small parts inside a lock, called pins or tumblers. This allows you to keep your existing door hardware, while rendering all previous keys inoperable. It's a good idea to re–key your locks when you move into a new building, let an employee go, or lose your keys. For more information click here>>>

File Cabinet & Desk Keys Made

Choice City Locksmith offers low prices on replacement file cabinet keys, office furniture keys and desk replacement keys such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, HON, Haworth Kimball and Allsteel. We can cut keys for most major brand of office furniture.

Mailbox Locks and Keys

The mailbox lock is one of the most misplaced keys. Our technicians can provide you with a new lock with two keys in no time flat. Our Locksmith technicians complete new installs for mailboxes lock as well as key replacements. So whether you want to protect your privacy or have lost your keys. Replacing the lock will not interfere with the US Postal Service for group mailboxes (such as in condo associations or businesses).

Lock Repairs

Commercial door locks can be expensive. If you have a lock that isn't working properly, it may just need a simple repair. Many problems can be fixed by disassembling the lock, cleaning and lubricating it, replacing small parts, or making adjustments. In most cases, this will be cheaper than replacing the entire lock.

Lock Replacement

If a lock is damaged beyond repair, has become scratched and unattractive, or no longer meets your needs, We can replace it with a new one. We have access to a wide variety of commercial door locks, from which We can find an appropriate replacement.

Master key system

We provide rekeying and master keying systems for Tenants, Property Managers, Schools and Chain Stores. No more shoe boxes full of keys! Management has one key that fits all the properties or units, while tenants have a key unique to their residence. There is no charge for the master key system setup. Your company pays only for the service call, locks that are rekeyed/repaired/replace, and the keys.

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