Master Key Systems

A master key system is basically a key system with levels. Lets say you have a building with offices inside and a supply room. A master key system would allow you to set up several levels of keys. The top level would be the "master key level" which would operate all the locks in the building including the exterior doors, interior office doors and the supply room. The next level of the system could contain a series of keys which each have their own function. A system can be set up to where each office has a key that also opens the main doors, but not the other offices. This system can also be set up so those keys that operate the offices also operate the supply room. Perhaps you only want some of the people's office keys to open the supply room - not a problem. Basically the system can be set up so everybody has a key that only gets them into the rooms they are supposed to be in.

Master Key System Maintenance

If you choose to have a master key system set up with Choice City Locksmith, we will maintain your keying information so any future rekeying will not conflict with current keys in your system. When new locks are keyed or locks are rekeyed we will utilize the next numeric sequence on your system so all the keys that are supposed to work sill do and the keys you are trying to eliminate do not work. Once your system is set up and your locks are keyed it will be very simple to keep things secured and running smoothly.

Pricing a Master Key System

We would be happy to come out and give you a quote on a master keys system. Price has a lot of factors including the type of locks, number of locks, number of master key levels and the number of keys needed. If you have a very simple system with only a few doors we may be able to give you an estimate over the phone.