Restricted Keys and Cylinders

You never have to worry about unauthorized copies of your keys again. Key duplication at hardware stores is too easy, a standard keyway stamped DO NOT DUPLICATE is merely a request to the person in possession of the key. There is no law that prohibits duplication of such keys (except for federal government and USPS keys). The MX Series restricts who can obtain keyblanks and lock cylinders, without keyblanks, you can not get copies. The MX Series is available to our customers, additional keys are obtained only through Choice City Locksmith.

What is a Restricted Keyway Lock?

A restricted keyway lock is designed to prevent unauthorized duplication of keys. Most of these locks utilize a key that is controlled by a single locksmith and also requires you to be ona signature card in order to have keys copied. How do we know it's you? We ask for ID. If your not on the card and authorized to have the keys copied - your not getting any keys copied. This prevents many companies from rekeying their locks every time an employee leaves. As long as the key is returned, you know there are no copies and your building remains secure.

How does it work?

We set up a system specifically designed for you. We install a special cylinder in your locks that only accept the restricted keys that can only be cut by us. We key all the cylinders and can even set them up on a master key system if needed. Once your locks are keyed we will cut the number of keys you request, number each one and then log them in our records. At any time you can request the number of keys you have out in your system. You hand the keys out to your employees and require them to return them upon leaving the company. Generally most companies hold the employees last check until the key is returned. If the key is not returned a rekey may be required. If you need keys copied you call us out and we make them. We will require ID and your signature to match the signature on your signature card. Usually we request 2 people on a signature card, but more or less will be fine. When we cut you more keys we number each one and log them in our system. The new keys get numbers starting at the last numbered keys you had made.

What Does A Restricted Keyway System Cost?

Restricted keyway systems are very affordable. These systems are similar in cost to mid-grade lock cylinders and in some cases they can even be installed into existing locks. Each system is different and price depends on how many locks, the type of locks, the number of keys and the type of keying required. Please feel free to give us a call at 970 224-3533 for a free quote or you can request more information online here.

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