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Residential Service

Full Service Residential Locksmith

When it comes to protecting your most valued possession, Choice City Locksmith is there to help secure your family and home. A home is your safe haven and it should remain as such. If an unfortunate situation has occurred or the purchase of a new home has you questioning the security around you, we can help you gain that peace of mind quickly and conveniently. Same day service, in most circumstances, will have your home safe and secure once again.

We are fully bonded, licensed and insured. Choice City Locksmith provides affordable and professional service. Our highly trained technicians make sure our customers receive an excellent, fast and reliable service. Call us to answer any of your questions and provide you with a quote.

Replace or re-key?

Many times people call and ask for a price to replace their locks when in reality, they really need only to be re-keyed. We generate a new key for your home by code on a special key cutting machine. We then remove all of your existing locks, disassemble the lock cylinder and discard all the old pins. New pins are installed that match the new code cut key and at that time the lock cylinder is inspected, tested, and lubricated if needed. Then the lock is then reinstalled back on your door. This procedure guarantees that the old key no longer works and also cures many problems with sticking keys or stubborn locks.

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Construction Master Keys

Choice City Locksmith will also make it a point when rekeying locks on a home, to remove any master pins or master tumblers that may have been placed inside the lock cylinders by the builder of the home. Many home builders will key all the locks in a neighbor hood they are building to what is called a construction master key system. When the home is sold and the new home owner first uses their keys in the locks, small ball bearings will fall into pre-drilled chambers in the lock to disable the master key. The problem is that there are still additional master pins in the lock which will allow other keys to operate the locks in addition to the new home owner's keys. These are called ghost keys. These additional pins also make it easier to pick the locks.

Lock Bumping and Pick-Resistant Solutions

You may have heard of a practice called 'bumping' that has caught the attention of the media. We offer a two-phase approach to combating this phenomenon to make your property as secure as possible. The first level involves modification of existing hardware. The second level involves the use of cylinders with restricted keyways. Choice City Locksmith has a plan for all budgets and levels of security.

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Door Strikes Adjusted

As your doors age, you may need to make adjustments to the strike plates. Weather and humidity may cause the door and the wooden jamb to alter size and not close properly, or a door may be damaged or sag over time. We can repair and replace the striker plate so door will latch properly.

Lock Repair

Home Security Checklist

If you have a lock that is difficult to operate, has a key broken off in it, or just doesn't work right, We may be able to repair it. Sometimes, all that is needed is cleaning & lubrication, a new latch mechanism, a slight adjustment, or new pins.

Lock Replacement

Whether your old locks are badly broken, missing, or just plain ugly, we can replace them with new ones. We carry the most common residential door knobs and deadbolts. If you've picked out a new lock from a store, and you simply need help installing it, We can help with that, too.

Deadbolt Installation

Doors with only a locking knob are not very secure. The latches on most door knobs extend about one half inch. It's easy for a burglar to pry the door open or use a tool to push the latch back into the door. Deadbolt locks are much more secure, with a bolt that extends a full inch into the door frame. Once it's locked, the bolt can not be pushed back into the door by use of tools. We can bore new holes in the door, and install a deadbolt above the knob.

Patio Door Security Bars

The patio door security bars is a simple guard bar that you securely mount between your sliding patio door and its frame so that no one can open the door from outside. Since the Charley-Bar works by making it physically impossible to open the door, it protects against intrusions even if your lock is picked or if you forget to lock your door.

Mailbox Lock and Keys

Mailbox Locks and Keys

The mailbox lock is one of the most misplaced keys. Our technicians can provide you with a new lock with two keys in no time flat. Our Locksmith technicians complete new installs for mailboxes lock as well as key replacements. So whether you want to protect your privacy or have lost your keys. Replacing the lock will not interfere with the US Postal Service for group mailboxes (such as in condo associations or businesses).

Peephole Installation

A peephole gives a person on the inside of the door the security of being able to see out without having to open the door. Most commonly peepholes come with a “fisheye” lens, giving the inside viewer a wider range of vision, while someone attempting to look in from the other side has little to no visibility. Peepholes are an important security device, especially for elderly people.