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Client Testimonials

By Annie at dexknows

Reliable service

I just called Mark because my son locked his keys in his car while the car was running, in a snowstorm. My son is a student at CSU and I am over 100 miles away. Mark arrived within 10 minutes of my call and unlocked his car and let me pay by credit card. Thank you for such great service and peace of mind - you are awesome!

By Brett Pavel at

Great service!

I have used Choice City, Mark, for over 20, residential, and commercial. Always fast, reliable, friendly, reasonably priced service without exception. A+

By Jack Harver at

Awesome Response

I moved into a new house last month and I knew I had to change my locks. I thought it would be really expensive and totally annoying to install new locks around the house. I went to the hardware store to see if I could just by the locks and install them myself. Then one of the shop assistance gave me a number of a locksmith service that does rekeying. I had never heard of rekeying before so when I called Choice City Locksmith they were really helpful and filled me in on what it is. The technician was at my place in no time and did the re keying for me with a smile on his face. The rekeying saved me heaps of money and Choice City Locksmith were really professional.

By John Robinson at

Fast, Fair & Friendly

My daughter locked her keys (and dog) in her car while out shopping. I'm 75 miles away and can't help. I responded to Choice City Locksmith ad because they appeared to be close to my daughter's location. They immediately went to her location and got her back in safely in less than an ½ hour. There charge was extremely reasonable and Mark called me to tell me my daughter was safe and sound. WOW!! Can't say enough nice things about them. Although I don't need a locksmith too frequently I'm sure glad to have worked with this one. There great! They get my recommendation! Thanks, Choice City Locksmith!

By Charley Bordenaro at

Christmas Eve and Im LOCKOUT!!!!

It was Christmas Eve and I had all the Kids presents in the truck. I don’t know how it happed but I somehow locked the keys in the truck while taking all the presents into the house. I don’t know what to do. Who is going to come out on Christmas Eve to open my truck for me. I did a search with my blackberry and found that Choice City Locksmith offered a Emergence lockout service. I gave them a call and no joke within 30 minutes somebody was there to open trunk for me. He also did it for a great price considering it was 6pm on Christmas Eve. I would recommend Choice City Locksmith for anyone who needs emergency lockout services.

By John at

These guys are an old fashioned (in all the best senses of the word) SERVICE oriented company. They do not over-bill and do very good workservices.